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Computer Architecture and Design

This is a course taught to electrical engineers (EEs) as well as other related engineering programmes. In that subject concepts related to computer instructions set architecture and their design are taught and analyzed. This course is considered to be necessary for EEs because they might choose a field n which computer hardware or software designing is done. Computer science (CS) program are taught by which they might be able to design better software, having best speed and resource usage. Topics are as wise as the field of engineering might be, but some are instruction set architecture, control, datapath, memory management, types of memory, input topics such as input devices, and processor relation, output devices et cetera. Output is also an important part of a computer system. In that topic, one might study input devices, hardware-software interface, how output devices are categorized. How output can be shown to user(s), what types of output devices are available to processor or memory, to output it.

In that course only interface or design of output part or devices may be taught. In that course it not taught to “how to” use computers. This course is mainly based on design and analysis of computer systems, preferably, from cluster servers to small embedded computers/processors found on most modern hand-held computer or smartphones.


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