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Bio-fuel Power

Bio-fuel power is on the talks of the people. It’s the technology in which “dirty” things of the human are transformed into the power by first harnessing it into methane gas by Chemical Reaction. Animal and human waste contain material, which emanate methane gas CH3. This is the gas which is the ingredient of the Natural Gas, AL, present abundantly in the Pakistan. This methane gas can be harnessed to run – I think you guesses it – turbine by first steaming water and that steam exert pressure on the blades of the Generator to get turn into the shaft to move the conductor into the permanent conductor to have electromotive force generated at the terminals of the generator. However, this might not be enough unless one have a many more bio-fuel to get sufficient methane, which can be turned, into the fuel to get the sufficient power. Chemical engineering might be involved in it in addition to the Electrical Engineering.


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